Classic California Wedding With Danish Traditions

Our Love Story

Daniel and I met at a BBQ party hosted by his sister. I had just become friends with her and had never met him prior to the event. We started talking and he mentioned that he had gone paddle boarding that day and saw dolphins so he asked if I wanted to go the following weekend and of course I agreed. We ended up meeting the Thursday before for a full-day date and had our first kiss at a run-down movie theatre. The rest is history.

Since the beginning of “us”, going out to the beach to watch the sunset has been one of our favorite things to do. We’d bring blankies and coffee in a big mug to share and dug a nest in the sand for us to sit in for the sunset show. I have no count as to how many times we’ve done this. We probably have had our best conversations during those hours.

That day I thought we were gonna go do that but instead, as we were walking along the water to find a spot, Daniel stopped, spread out the blankie, held me in his arms and prayed that God would watch over our relationship and be at the center. That He would give Daniel the strength and power to lead and love me well. Then he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He said my full name. He looked me in my eyes. Straight from my heart, I said yes. Just like the first time I told him I loved him four a half years ago.

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