Adorable DIY Backyard Wedding Featuring The Bride & Groom’s Own Band

The Events

The day of the wedding started with drinks and food around 4:30 pm, then the ceremony at 7:30. Food was a big part of the evening because it set the scene, and gave guests something to focus on. Oysters were served in one area while two rounds of bite-style foods were brought out by the caterer. Desserts were served after the ceremony. Music performances, coordinated by Nikolaus, went on until all the guests had headed home for the evening.

Because of the event’s schedule, I wore two dresses, a short lacy number in the beginning with the show-stopper revealed only once the ceremony started. Nikolaus forgot his shoes and ended up wearing old Toms – we just wanted to have as much fun as possible and spend time with all the people who love and support us. It was perfect.

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